Identity with Charleston reference. The ‘dot’ in the client’s name has been replaced with an exclamation mark, altering the tone of voice and emphasising the fun of ‘the UK’s friendliest swing dance club’.


Website drawing upon the history of Harlem lindy hop with a Savoy Ballroom inspired design, which is quiet during the day but all-dancing at night.

The Attic

Identity based on the building’s distinctive Victorian architecture, giving a historical site a contemporary edge, to reflect the variety of art exhibitions to be held there.

Lulu & Red

Interactive website which draws inspiration from the brand’s Victorian Bustle signature design and their decadent styling.

Charlie's Angels

Charlie’s Angels dancers exude vintage glamour, the class and quality of their act being reflected in their identity. These angels’ feathers are peacock, a familiar motif in early 20th century art and design.

The Sunday Sessions

An identity that is informal, young, fun and lively. Includes a nod to the event’s organisers, Duck Pond Market and The Sound Crowd, with a little bit of their logos tucked away.

Your News

A5 advert using supplied photography, to promote a gift shop in the run-up to Mother’s Day.

Your News

A5 advert anticipating the rush to get reduced advertising rates.