Charlie's Angels

Charlie’s Angels dancers exude vintage glamour, the class and quality of their act being reflected in their identity. These angels’ feathers are peacock, a familiar motif in early 20th century art and design.

The Sunday Sessions

An identity that is informal, young, fun and lively. Includes a nod to the event’s organisers, Duck Pond Market and The Sound Crowd, with a little bit of their logos tucked away.

Pinner Independent Traders

Identity for a new traders association, drawing upon ideas of community and celebration. The design can be linked to create lines of bunting.

Goodnight Sweetheart

Two 1930s-style animals, putting the personality into the dance camp with a family atmosphere. Launched with a naming competition, for use across online media and merchandising.

Identity with Charleston reference. The ‘dot’ in the client’s name has been replaced with an exclamation mark, altering the tone of voice and emphasising the fun of ‘the UK’s friendliest swing dance club’.

Trash Cannes Festival

Black & White identity suited to guerilla art style printings methods (photocopying, stickers, stamping etc.) for an independent arts festival.